How to sell gold in Toronto

It’s not hard to find someone who would buy gold from you in Toronto, what is difficult is finding that someone who would pay the highest for your gold in Toronto. The good news is that it’s not all that difficult to sell gold in Toronto for highest payout.

The spot gold prices has sky rocketed in the last years, making this a great time to sell gold in Toronto. To insure that the selling gold in Toronto transaction goes well, be sure to find an honest and friendly gold market dealer in Toronto, or a gold refinery in Toronto. A good place to sell gold in Toronto would possess the following qualities:

  • honest and friendly service
  • pays based on current gold market price
  • operates 7 days a week, with long hours
  • pays more for higher karat gold

Keep in mind, any type of gold can be sold in Toronto. When considering that gold to sell in Toronto, be sure to include the following:

  • broken gold
  • damaged gold
  • tangled gold
  • mismatched gold
  • unused gold
  • anything made from gold

Also keep in mind that any type of gold jewelry is sellable in Toronto:

  • sell gold rings
  • sell gold necklaces
  • sell gold chains
  • sell gold bracelets
  • sell gold earnings
  • sell gold coins

Higher karat gold is worth more money in Toronto. Gold karats represent gold content in jewelry. Highest possible gold content is 100% pure gold – 24k gold. Lowest gold content in common gold jewelry in Toronto is 42% – 10k gold:

  • sell 10k gold
  • sell 14k gold
  • sell 18k gold
  • sell 21k gold
  • sell 24k gold

Once you’ve sorted out the gold you want to sell, you would need to find the best gold buyer in Toronto. One way would be to visit every gold buyer in Toronto, but that is a time consuming task. Instead find out which gold buyers in Toronto hold the best reputation, and visit to compare those gold buyers in Toronto. Ask the people around you about their experiences with gold buyers in Toronto. If it is a private matter consult online reviews and discussions on gold buyers in Toronto.

Selling gold in Toronto is easy once you know how to sell gold jewelry in Toronto.

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Amyobus Key September 1, 2010 at 3:30 am

You didn’t really answer the question topmost in people’s mind — who in Toronto can you trust to give you the best value. I checked out the Better Busines Bureau and only one local name was suggested – with no complaints. That was a start. I saw an old TV report on YouTube that left me with high profile buyers who might be dubious. Couldn’t find any real reviews though. Nobody has properly surveyed and reviewed it appears. At least your guidelines, were useful, but it’s basically a do-it-yourself assay estimate and weight and homeowners including myself do not have the proper scales. I intend to photograph each item before I walk in with them to any store, simply prove they belong to me in case somebody tries to switch or just walk away with them. I expect it’s a jungle out there.

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